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Take your skin care to the next level with one of our signature Snatched Facials. This results-driven skin rejuvenation system involves a multi-step process to deeply cleanse, hydrate and protect your skin. The result is a remarkable glow with improved skin texture, more even skin tone and the smoothing of fine lines and wrinkles.

Choose from our advanced menu of medical-grade Snatched Facials:

WHY CHOOSE Snatched Aesthetics?

Owned by one of the top Master Injectors in Utah Master Injectors in Utah, Snatched Aesthetics is a premier medical spa for non-surgical cosmetic treatments specializing in natural-looking results.

Our new state-of-the-art medical spa is located just off I-15 on 500 East in American Fork and is centralized to serve all of Utah County as well as outlying communities.

With our highly trained staff, we’re ready to help you bring out the best in your appearance with a full menu of customizable procedures.

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A Snatched Facial treatment can successfully improve a wide range of skin concerns, including:

For even more dramatic effects, this treatment also can be combined with other skin rejuvenation options at Snatched Aesthetics such as PRP/PRF facial rejuvenation or FRAX skin resurfacing.

How it Works

Each Snatched Facial treatment is tailored to the unique skin concerns of each person we serve. Once one of our licensed master estheticians determines the ideal facial regimen for your needs and goals, you will relax while we skillfully administer each soothing and results-driven step of your facial treatment.

Boost Your Results with ADD-ON Treatments

What To Expect

Treatment time is between 30-60 minutes and generally involves the following steps:

Recovery & Results

Once your treatment is completed, you can get back to your usual activities as soon as you leave our office. You should see improved skin tone right after your appointment, and results can be further enhanced by signing up for a series of monthly treatments.

To maintain your healthier skin, our staff may recommend products that are specially formulated to work with our Snatched Facials.


The Snatched Facial can work wonders for all areas of the face. To accompany the treatment, a range of “enhancements” can target specific skin concerns, such as darkness or puffiness around the eye, sagging on the jawline or even fine lines and wrinkles.

Some people choose to have only one of our signature Snatched Facial treatments and are happy with the deep-cleaning benefits they are able to experience. For most people, we recommend regular treatments so that new impurities, sun exposure and other skin damage can be corrected.

CBD is packed in antioxidants, which makes it a powerful anti-inflammatory for skin. When absorbed into the skin via a medical-grade cream or serum, CBD is great for people with acne or rosacea and pairs beautifully with blue LED light therapy to help calm inflammation and kill acne-causing bacteria.

To boost your anti-aging benefits, we can add red LED light therapy to help stimulate new collagen and elastin. If you have acne or are prone to breakouts, we can add blue LED light to kill acne causing bacteria. 

We can perform dermaplaning before your facial to remove “peach fuzz” and dead skin cells that are sitting on top of the skin. Dermaplaning helps products penetrate deeper into the skin, boosting the results of your facial. Plus, dermaplaning helps your makeup look better for several days following your facial as your skin is smooth and hair-free.

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*This information is for education only and is not meant as a guarantee of results. Your results may vary.


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